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Uniquely Made Plans (UMP)

I'm excited to announce the implementation of Uniquely Made Plans Program for Fall 2016-Spring 2017.

The UMP is unique in and of itself to the educational choices available in Madison County, Alabama. As a parent you may choose public school, private school or homeschool as the educational path for your child. What if you want the uniqueness and personalized education of homeschooling, yet aren't interested in homeschooling personally? What do you do? You seek out educators to educate your unique child.

Uniquely Made Plans program is designed to create personalized learning goals for the child and achieving the goals at the child's pace. When the child and family are determining their learning journeys, the whole family wins.

Included: Most of the curriculum and supplies are included to coincide for the number of days In attendance. The number of days will determine a plan to reinforce skills taught for the "at home time."

Attending one day a week, yet need a more extensive UMP, then an additional fee will be
established upon the needs of your child and family.

A Uniquely Made Plan is developed through consultations, assessments, and child interest.

Future plans: Do you need a whole day program? I'll add your name to the list. I would love to hear your input.

Food Science

Flexibility in Educational Services

Homeschooling Year Program
“Instruction by a Private Tutor”
“State-Certified Teacher”

Monday-Thursday 8:30-12:15

$170 weekly
140 days, personalized education
Pay quarterly.

1st fees due-July 15
2nd fees due-October 15
3rd fees due-December 15
4th fees due-March 15

Pick your day(s) program:
1 day a week= $45 weekly
2 days a week = $90 weekly
3 days a week= $130 weekly


Make-up days on Fridays
Aug. 26
Oct. 28
Nov. 18
Dec. 9
Jan. 27
Feb. 24
Mar. 24
April 28
May 12

Schedule a consultation to determine the number of days per week your family needs.

Praying Mantis

Fall Semester

First Day of UMP: August 2, 2016

Days Off:
September 5 Labor Day
October 3-7 Fall Break
November 11 Veteran’s Day
November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break
December 19-January 9 Winter Break

Spring Semester

1st day second semester: January 9, 2017

Days Off:
January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 20 Presidents’ Day
March 13-27 Spring Break
May 18 Last Day of UMP